Sept 22, 1993
KALEIDOSCOPE – ‘The cup that cures’
by Rajiv Mahajan

The time was when many relied upon herbs to treat sickness and to get relieved of aches and pains. Our saints and sages played a vital role in getting secrets of these herbs with their magical and mystical powers Plants and herbs have been used for healing and maintaining a good health.

Traditional herbal remedies have led scientists to the development of numerous, modern drugs. Him Herbs India, Raja-ka-Bagh, in Himachal’s Nurpur subdivision has made herbal tea, an ideal health supplement, which acts in magical and astonishing ways. It is also a natural flavouring agent.

Studies by the Tea Research Association Indicate that green tea, the base of this Himalayan Amrit Herbal rose Tea, has anti-ulcer properties, Is cholera and influenza resistant and promotes nervo- muscular functions. It is effective in mitigating diarrhoea and amoebiasis caused by the bacterial infections. It also fights dental caries. The tea derives its name from rosedamascena – a mildly stringent, aperient, carminative and a refriegent cardiac tonic. It is most useful in sore throat and enlarged tonsils.

It is an aphrodisiac and it used in case of habitual headache to relieve brain fag in case of senile and general debility, nervous exhaustion, loss of memory and loss of muscular energy. It is a direct cardiac tonic and is also use full in cough, kidney disease and liver infections.

The blending together of 20 herbs such as gulab ka phool, Arjun bark, ashwagandha, banaphsa, bari ilaichi, brambi, badlan-khatai, dal chini, saunf, sund, tulsi etc. has resulted in the formation of Himalayan Amrit Herbal Rose Tea. Various eminent physicians have recommended the ingredients of this tea at various times from ancient India.

This tea has no side effects and can be taken safely as many times as desired.

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