July 24, 1993
‘Herbs harnessed for health-giving tea’
by Deepika B. Thakur

A cup of tea brings a lot of cheer but not so for a health conscious person who is aware of the harms from its excessiveness to nausea, flatulence and dyspepsia.

There is a good news for all those who cannot resist sipping hot tea despite being advised not to drink tea. The ‘Himalayan Amrit Herbal rose tea, a new tea developed from a variety of herbs known for curing diseases without any side effects is catching up fast with the health conscious people. The tea is a complete anti fatigue plan. The intake of this team builds up body resistance, tones up digestive system, nervous, respiratory and circulatory system. It acts as a mental stimulant. The best is the flavour of this tea is irresistible and it is effective in mitigating diarrhea and ameobisis caused by bacterial infections. The nutritional and curative aspects of this tea are myriad.

According to Mr. AJay Mahajan a pioneer who introduced this tea it is a health supplement: Himalayan Amrit Herbal Rose Tea has been formed keeping into consideration that the herbs have a very good medicinal value. The idea struck Mr. Mahajan when he met a sage who had mastered the art of ‘herbs’. Then began the research work and the result was a complicated blend of 20 herbs, the intake of which helps to maintain health and vigour.
But before these herbs could be mixed there had been a long research work including the organo leptic tests cum utility tests. The scientists at CSIR and RRL Jammu also conducted Research and approved of such permutations used in this tea. Most of the intakers who have tasted it like not only the taste but the flavour which makes them feel good.

Mr. Vijay Dudeja, chairman Tea Brokers Pvt. Ltd. was surprised by the affinity the intakers have started having for this tea. There are many who have started taking this tea.

The export of this tea is catching up fast while the work at the factory at Raja Ka Bag, Tehsil Noorpur District Kangra in Himachal Pradesh is buzzing with brisk activity. A lot of care is taken so that the best is available to the customers.

The ingredients of the tea include Tulsi, Saunf, Nagar motha, Lal Chandan, Badhia Khatai, Brahmi Arjunchal, Sugandhbala, Sund, Gulab, Shankh pushpi, Long, Lemon grass, Bari Elaichi, Pudhina, Mulathee, Dalchini, Tej Pattar, Ashwagandha, Banaphsa and green tea plant.

‘Gulab ka phool from which the tea derives its name Herbal Rose Tea is a mildly astringent, aperient, carminative and a refrigerant cardiac tonic. It is also a natural flavouring agent, used to mask the taste of many bitter herbs, has mild laxative properties and is useful in sore throat or enlarged tonsils. Its cooling and astringent effect is useful in relieving uterins haemorrhages.

‘Arjun Bark’ used in the tea has a stimulant action on the heart. It has cooling and tonic effects. The practitioners of both modern and Indian system of medicine, use it in conditions of cardiac failure and dropsy. It is also useful in removing stones from the urinary system.

‘Brambhi’ is known to help to increase the memory power of the students. Besides it is used in cases of asthma and nervous breakdown.

The different herbs are collected from the places of their origin even from countries outside India and care is taken that there is no contamination. The tea is simple to prepare. One just has to put a half tea spoon Herbal Rose Tea for each cup of water which should be allowed to brew reasonably giving it a boil. This tea can be drunk at any time of the day, alone  or with a slice of lemon. Sugar or honey to taste should be added and the tea is ready for sipping as many times as one can afford.

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