Honey – From Granny’s Kitchen

Honey – From Granny’s Kitchen

A teaspoon of honey, mixed with equal parts of ginger juice and some ground black pepper, is ideal for coughs and colds.

To alleviate sour throats, a concoction of honey and black pepper powder can be licked through the day.

For babies and small children, a concoction of honey, mixed with the tulsi juice is ideal to alleviate coughs and colds.

Honey is also used to treat mouth sores.

Besides these time-tested recipes, honey forms a healthy substitute for sugar. One can add it to one’s desserts, fruits and salads or your breakfast cereal. Children love to spread it over their bread. It can also be used in your everyday cup of tea, to which a dash of lemon has been added. Honey has numerous uses even in beauty products and can be used in face packs to rehydrate the skin. Sunburns too can be treated with honey. Little wonder then, that honey has been in use since time immemorial for its wonderful properties. Himalayan Amrit Honey cares for you and your dear ones, bringing you only what is the best.