Honey – Composition

Chemical composition of honey:

Honey has a similar composition to granulated sugar (50% fructose and fructose and 44% glucose) and approximately the same relative sweetness of sucrose (97% of the sweetness of sucrose). It is a mixture of sugars and other compounds. It also contains tiny amounts of several compounds thought to function as antioxidants, including chrysin, pinobanksin, vitamin c, catalase and pinocembrin. But the specific composition of any batch of honey will depend largely on the mix of flowers available to the bees that produced the honey.

A Typical honey analysis would be as follows:

Fructose 38 %
Glucose: 31%
Sucrose: 1.0 %
Water: 17%
Other sugars: 9.0 %
Ash: 0.17
Others: 3.38 %

The analysis of the sugar content of honey is used for detecting adulteration.

Honey – Composition