Herbal Tea – Origin

Herbal Tea – Origin

This is a story which goes back to the 1990s. Nestled in the district of Kangra is the sleepy little village of Nurpur. A holy man came down from the mountains and made the village his abode. He would treat the sick with herbs found in the mountains, and also impart simple lessons on the art of living. Among the village folk who gathered daily to hear this sage’s sermons and to be treated by him, was a young man named Ajay Mahajan. He was suffering from a mysterious ailment and had come in the hope of being cured. Without him having to say anything, the holy man singled him out from the crowd and asked him about his illness. On hearing Ajay’s story, he brewed a cup of tea out of some herbs and asked Ajay to drink it. Surprisingly, it had a delicious taste, unlike most medicines. Giving him some herbs, the man then directed Ajay on how to brew these herbs and asked him to take the concoction daily. To everyone’s surprise, Ajay was cured of his illness within days.

Given a mission

When Ajay went back to the sage to express his gratitude, the sage asked him what he wanted to do with his life, now that he was cured. Ajay replied that he would like to set up an industry. The holy man then told Ajay that he had a mission in life, which was to make people healthy. Ajay was taken aback by holy man’s words as he had no idea how he was supposed to accomplish such a monumental task. At this, the man asked him if he knew anything about tea. The young man replied in the affirmative. The sage then further quizzed him on the flowers and fruits of the regions. This time the man replied, saying that he was a lover of nature and relished tea. The man then declared that, this would be his business, which would also help him fulfill his mission. He then brewed a cup of tea again for Ajay, this time telling him that it had a base of green tea with some twenty herbs blended in. Besides working as a medicine, it could also be had as tea, because of its delicious taste. Two cups a day was all that it took to keep the doctor away as the herbal tea had anti-ageing and anti-stress properties, besides having a therapeutic effect on the stomach and the respiratory system. In short: it was a tonic for overall health.

Giving Ajay the recipe for the beverage, the holy man then asked him to get to work – to collect the fruits and herbs, blend them together, and then come back to him. Ajay got busy with the task allotted to him. It took him an entire month to collect all the ingredients and make a blend. But when he went back to find the holy man, he seemed to have disappeared. Though disappointed, Ajay continued with his work as he had a mission to accomplish. He gradually went on to set up a factory, on exactly the same spot where the holy man was known to sit.

Keeping his promise alive

Today, the site boasts of a modern, hygienic and fully functional unit where the Himalayan Amrit Kangra Herbal Tea is manufactured. A product which is a blend of tea and precious Himalayan herbs and flowers, based on the recipe passed on from that mysterious sanyasi to Ajay. It truly seems like a gift from the Gods, which changed Ajay’s life and through his tea, the life of millions.