Herbal Tea – Manufacturing Process

Herbal Tea – Manufacturing Process

The Himherbs Production and Supply Co-op. Industrial Society Ltd, with its impressive, modern production facility and surrounding gardens, is a grand step forward in the research and standardization of herbs. Using specially selected, organically grown herbs from around the world, along with some herbs which are grown for the company by various research universities, the in-house master herbalist and tea taster go ahead to brew that perfect cup of Himalayan Amrit Kangra Herbal Tea.

Quality counts

Quality is the keyword here at the Himherbs unit. A modern, well-equipped laboratory manned by an experienced staff, ensure that all quality standards are met. Careful attention is given to the inspection of all raw materials, the formulation process, the finished product and the packaging. Microbiological examination, sample testing and meticulous batch record keeping, ensure product uniformity, stability and an extended shelf life for your pack of Himherbs Amrit Kangra Herbal Tea.

Only the best will do

When dealing with herbs, it becomes important to keep in mind the variation in the potency of certain herbs grown in different regions. Hence, great care is taken to identify the best sources of these herbs. A permanent committee consisting of a botanist, a vaidya, a pharmacologist, a phytochemist, an entomologist, a microbiologist, and an analytical chemist examine all the herbs which are used.

Test is the best

The individual herbs and the end product go through further tests at the labs. The herbs used are also freed from unwanted material by a thorough rinsing in water. They are then dried in huge trays in a controlled environment before being put into airing cupboards. The aim is to dry the herbs quickly so as to change the condition of the leaves rather than their chemical content. Petri dishes with culture media are placed at various places in the manufacturing premises to keep a check on any contamination.

Enhancing the herbs

The focus at the manufacturing unit is wholly directed towards maintaining and enhancing the traditional values of herbs like: Rasa, or taste; Guna or property, Veerya or potency, Vipak or manifest effect and lastly, Prabha or the unexplained vivid effects.