Herbal Tea – Holistic Approach

The Himalayan Amrit Kangra Herbal Tea works at multiple levels. The beverage works to prevent the daily wear and tear of tissues in the body and repairs the mind as well, thus enabling the optimum functioning of the mind and body temple. The roots of these herbs and the resultant tea, owe their origin to Ayurveda or the ancient Indian school of medicine. The herbal tea cures the disease by getting to the root of the problem. It acts as a preventive as well; this holistic approach to healing and living is a demand of our taxing times with overbearing work schedules and the resultant stress and mental strain. The idea is to be able to develop a sense of harmony and well-being, both within and without, in times of tumult as well as rest.

Works on the chakras as well

According to the Indian Chakra theory, there are seven chakras or energy centres located in the body. The temple of the body is said to be diseased when one or more chakras cease to function properly. Even aura therapy and Reiki work on the same principle. The weakness is treated in a variety of ways by different schools of thought, which include mantra therapy, yoga, mudra therapy, diet, medicines and a shift in lifestyle. Each of the 20 herbs used in this tea aims to provide that same sense of wellbeing to the physical as well as the mental aspect of our being, as it works subtly on the different chakra centres of the body, providing relief from pain, stress and discomfort.

The process of cleansing or energizing the chakras can be done through various methods but the approach is always holistic. That is the ultimate philosophy of the East. Physical health can never be separated from mental wellbeing. They are very closely linked. This is the truth which modern medical science is fast discovering. Since the ancient Indian seers and medicine men were already equipped with this knowledge, they went into a detailed study of the various herbs which grew wildly in the Himalayas and catalogued their various uses.

With every cup of Himalayan Amrit Kangra Herbal Tea, you get not just a taste of these various herbs and their beneficial effects, but a sip into an entire life philosophy- a philosophy which believes in treating the restless mind along with the body.

Herbal Tea – Holistic Approach