Dear Connoisseur
"Himalayan Amrit Kangra Herbal Tea" is no ordinary tea but a bouquet of subtle flavours, a unique blend of flowers and herbs with a base of kangra green tea. Tasting of flora and country green, its enigmatic taste will pamper your taste buds.This New Generation Natural Fitness Tea, can be taken as many times as desired to revitalize all your body systems. It is a desirable balance of taste acceptance and well being. The nutritional and curative aspects of this tea are myriad. Savour and enjoy the flavour and health of the Himalayas, by sipping a warm, tingling, satisfying herbal tea. It is a gift to be given from a connoisseur to a connoisseur!

The virtues of green tea enhanced by the herbal treasure house of the Himalayans, is what a cup of Himalayan Amrit Kangra Herbal Tea brings you. Health is just a cup away. So sip away and say cheers to good health.

Himherbs's Himalayan Amrit Honey Comes to you exactly as Mother Nature intended it, pure with the enriched goodness of all that is fresh and natural. Sourced from the rarest of flowers, it is a feast which is truly fit for the Gods, Tasty and nutritious, its subtle flavor is bound to have you craving for more.